Add an RSS Feed through Windows Internet Explorer 7

When you use Windows Internet Explorer 7 and Office Outlook 2007, you can add RSS Feeds from either program as well as view the feeds in either program.

  1. When you browse to a Web page that contains RSS information, Button image appears in Windows Internet Explorer next to the Button image Home button.

RSS Feed indicator

  1. Click Button image.

A list of all available RSS Feeds on the Web page is displayed.

  1. Click the RSS Feed that you want to add.

 Tip   You can also click Button image, RSS button or, XML button in the Web page.


Add an RSS Feed through Firefox

  • It can be used if you see the iconRSS icon in firefoxat the right end of the Location textbox or in the bottom right corner of the browser.
  • Clicking on the icon will reveal the names of the different feeds available on that page.
  • Selecting an RSS feed will bring up the Add Bookmark dialog.
  • Select Add and a bookmark to the newsfeed will be included in your bookmarks.